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Sometimes we are sunshine...and sometimes we're not. But, we are soooo in love and are completely enjoying our journey in life together.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All Things Baby: Do-It-Yourself Baby Food! (4 months+)

Being new to the “mom situation,” I have learned so much in such a short time! Being the teacher type, I am constantly researching, reading, learning and practicing things. Some things work, some things don’t, some opinions are way over-the-top, and other opinions are helpful.

All that to say, I tend to share waaaaay too much information with those around me. My close friends like to say, “You know so much random information!” They are sweet. The reality is... I just talk a lot. So, here I am…dispensing more info. Yak, yak, yakking away.

None-the-less, I hope my information is fun, helps make your life easier, gives you confidence or simply encourages.

Today's Food Tips...

 Food Tip #1: Seems silly to say this, but use a plastic bib… I pretty much ruined most of his cloth bibs (the ones that match his outfits) with food stains in the first few weeks of feeding him! What was I thinking!? Plastic bibs…genius! Wipe and go! My favorite…Summer Bibbity Rinse and Roll.

Food Tip #2: Make sure to puree each food separately…babies like individual tastes at first…too many combos can be confusing and unsatisfying!

Food Tip #3: Don’t buy fancy food trays for the freezer (I did and they don’t work as well as the cheapy ice cube trays from the grocery!). Just use BPA free trays and cover with plastic wrap before placing in the freezer! Use cubes within a week for peak freshness.

Food Tip #4: Making your own baby food saves you $$$! On the safe side I will save $20 - $30 per month by making my own baby food instead of buying it! If you calculate it… 15 min. x 4 weeks = 1 total hour. In 1 hour I make $30 not bad!!! Not to mention that babies LOVE eating fresh food!

 Yes, this is a bib I ruined...should have been using the Bibbity!

My little man LOVES avocado! 

On the Go… no prep foods!

Easy Stow, Go and Smash:

Bananas and avocados – simply take a ¼ avocado or ½ banana with you in a Ziploc baggie, a container to mash in, and a spoon for feeding! I usually add a pinch of warm water (optional) to “mash.” They may turn a touch brown throughout the day, but it will not affect the quality or taste of the food.

For the Week…

Puree, Freeze, Pop and Thaw: (Makes approx. 20 oz. of puree for each food when using the following guide.)

Avocados (3-4 med.), Bananas (3-4 med.), Cooked Peas (3-4 cups), Pre-peeled Cooked Carrots (3-4 cups), Peeled Baked Sweet Potatoes (2 large), Peeled/Cored Baked Apples (3-4 large) -

Cook food item if necessary. Puree desired amount in blender (with small amount of water if needed) and pour into ice cube tray to freeze and use throughout the week (each cube is about 3 oz.)! Once I pop a cube out of the tray, I defrost it in the microwave (in glass container) for about 1 min. (or thaw for 2.5 hours at room temp.) Add 2 tsp of warm water (optional) and stir.

Average time for prep: 2-3 different foods for entire week = 15 min. including cooking time (in microwave).

Side Note: Okay, let me be honest here…do I really “bake” or “cook” my baby’s food? No. I usually nuke it in the microwave for two-three minutes or until “tender” and then puree. Easy as pie…or um, easy as baby food!

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  1. This is going to be super helpful in about two months! Bookmarking this post. Thank you! :)