"You are sunshine on a cloudy day!"

During our premarital counseling, my husband and I both took surveys in order to better understand our individual personalities. One of the things the profiles both said was that we were each like... "sunshine on a cloudy day." To this day we enjoy teasing each other about this funny little fact. :)

Sometimes we are sunshine...and sometimes we're not. But, we are soooo in love and are completely enjoying our journey in life together.

As we grow in love and in numbers, I invite you to follow our blog! It is bound to be a messy, silly, fun and exciting adventure. Sit back, grab a blanket, maybe even a cup of tea and get ready for a laugh or two. Welcome to our family! May God greatly bless you today!

Monday, February 28, 2011

And the reality is...

So, I was reading a very popular blog the other day called "Thrifty Decor Chick"...and oh how I love this blog! The gal uses her home as a canvas of sorts to show how it looked "before" and "after". It is incredible how this lady turns Goodwill finds into works of art... making her home look absolutely magazine worthy!

Well, as with many things in life, I like to take things and look at them from a different perspective...you know just to keep things interesting. So, this morning as I looked around my house I thought to myself, "Self,
you should use your home as a canvas too! Ha, ha!

So, today my blog is not about turning things from drab to fab, but rather what a REAL home looks like, what a REAL mom looks like and what the REALity is for 99% of us out there! (If you are the 1%...I'd love to meet you!). Nothing I'm about to share with you is magazine worthy.

Do I like to post the picture on my facebook that makes my home look clean... or the family picture where you cannot see my double chin? You bet I do. Do I scramble around and try to create an image of perfection when my family and friends come over to visit? Um, ye-ah. (The REALity of it all is that I vacuum just enough to make those fresh lines, I dust just enough so that people with allergies won't get sick, I stuff things in closets and drawers... and...I hate to say it, but even my toilets often have that funky ring of mold -or whatever it is- until guests come over...at which point, I quickly scrub those bad boys out so no one will want to vomit when they use my toilets!)

Why? Why do we have to project perfection. God never once said in his Word, "Thou shalt be perfect" and believe it or not He was NOT the one to coin the phrase "cleanliness is next to Godliness." Thank goodness!Because...as much as I'd like people to think I've got it all together...I don't (I think my admission of the toilet thing solidifies that)!

So, today I've used my home and myself as a sort of canvas. A canvas that portrays reality...a canvas that is funny and at least from my perspective...is in its own unique (and figurative) way... BEAUTIFUL (Well, again, minus the toilet thing I mentioned).

Enjoy taking a peek into my reality... I hope you find it encouraging.

Here we have the before and after photo of "Kendall With Her Coffee Pot". Yes, that is what we call true "bed head" and me with no make up people...and that is the reality. What a beautiful blessing it is to stay up late and wake up early with my beautiful baby - and the ability to make and drink my coffee. Can I get an AMEN?!

Next up is a picture of what I like to call "Garbage". The reality is... I do not have shoes on to take it out right now (not to mention that it is currently 25 degrees and snowing out!), so it will probably sit there until my cute hubby comes home. What a beautiful blessing it is to be married to a man who is the "trash master!"

In this unique - yet oh so intriguing - picture... we have "The laundry room". The reality is... this is what it looks like to be "almost caught up" on laundry (see...there is nothing in the washer - go me!!!) Ha! What a beautiful blessing it is to have clean clothes to wear...and multiple outfits for my baby to poop, pee and spit up on each day! :-)

This next picture is a classic. This is what we call, "The Unmade Bed!" Now, to some of you this may look like a big mess. Actually, it's not. The reality is...according to much research (from a source I cannot remember), an unmade bed is a "healthy bed"! Did you know that bacteria and germs grow much less rapidly if you DO NOT make your bed?! Yes, this is one of those random pieces of information I keep stored in my mind for a time such as this. (Side Note: My hubby likes to toss his t-shirt over the lamp to "set the mood"... you know...creating a more dimly lit atmosphere... frankly, it just makes me laugh thinking about it now!)

Okay, so this next picture is how I like my coffee. My husband likes to say, "How much coffee would you like with your  creamer?" To that I say, "There is nothing wrong with a little more dairy in my diet!" The reality is... I'll definitely be the one with stronger bones when I'm old. Mmmm...hmmmm.

Ah yes...this next picture is one of those that I'm sure you all can relate to... the "Chair as Hanger" picture. I don't know what it is about chairs, but they make the most convenient hangers - of all time. The reality is...when advertising chairs manufacturers should really emphasize the duality of these fantastic creations! What a beautiful blessing it is to own a chair upon which we can hang our coats.

Ah, now it's time to get personal. I had a baby (over 2 months ago now) and this next picture is the "I've finally bought bigger jeans admission" pic. Yes, the reality is... babies change your body and the saying, "9 months on 9 months off" is ringing ever so true for me. The beautiful blessing is that my baby was born healthy, chunky and very cute thanks to my substantial food intake during my pregnancy. :-) On the left are the jeans I'd like to wear again someday...on the right is my reality. It may not be completely obvious, but they are four sizes larger...yes indeed.

Alright, if it's one more you want, it's two more you'll get. Yes, the reality is, my hair is not done, I have dried sour milk on my shirt, and I have a very strong urge to go fix the things in the pictures I've shown you, but...the reality is...I plan to finish eating my burnt peanut-butter toast and my coffee (which I do realize contains way too much creamer)... and then go pick up my sweet sleeping baby boy and snuggle with him. I'll probably get a shower in by...oh, say 3pm.

Well, I hope you're encouraged today. It's okay not to have it all together, it's okay not to be perfect and it's okay to not pretend you are... it's okay to be real. And that is the reality of it.
God's greatest blessings to you today!


  1. you paint quite a picture kendall! i love it!

  2. "Setting the mood." HA! How cute!

  3. Kendall you are so dear to be so real! We all love you for so many reasons, but your forth rightness and genuine-ness (is that a word?) endear you all the more. BTW, I think you are beautiful with and without make-up!
    Thank you for sharing so much a part of you with us! Truly, baby Micah is worth every change/adaptation.

  4. Awesome! I laughed out loud at the tshirt over the lamp! I like this a lot.

  5. Loved every word, Kendall! And I love you.


  6. Hallelujah for keeping it real!!! I'm right there with ya! So fun!

    Many blessings,

  7. Marriage and Motherhood have been so good to you, Kendall. I am so proud that you have grown into such a warm, fine, humorous woman (much like your mother in my eyes). I have come to love you as my own. One request I have: write some more!