"You are sunshine on a cloudy day!"

During our premarital counseling, my husband and I both took surveys in order to better understand our individual personalities. One of the things the profiles both said was that we were each like... "sunshine on a cloudy day." To this day we enjoy teasing each other about this funny little fact. :)

Sometimes we are sunshine...and sometimes we're not. But, we are soooo in love and are completely enjoying our journey in life together.

As we grow in love and in numbers, I invite you to follow our blog! It is bound to be a messy, silly, fun and exciting adventure. Sit back, grab a blanket, maybe even a cup of tea and get ready for a laugh or two. Welcome to our family! May God greatly bless you today!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quote of the day from the future daddy...

So, I absolutely love it when Jon leans down to my (quickly growing) belly and talks and sings to our little Micah. Now that I can feel his little kicks and bumps I get really excited to share what I'm feeling with Jon. I do my best to have him squish my belly - just a little - in hopes that our little guy will give his daddy a little fist bump.

So tonight I took Jon's hand and was attempting to have him feel the baby's head. Then out of the blue Jon says, "...but I don't want to squish him too much...he's not any bigger than a large steak!"

I'm guessing the "large steak" comparison came from learning Micah's weight (14-15oz.) at the doctor's office last Friday.

I love that my husband makes me laugh. I'm still giggling to myself.

On my way to 21 weeks! Over halfway!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Best Friend Fun!

Over the past six years, three of my best girlfriends from college and I have gathered together for an annual summertime retreat. This year was very special because we were able to go visit Nicole's home and then travel together to go stay at her in-law's beautiful home on Lake Roosevelt in Eastern Washington.

As always there is a ton of laughter, tears and catching up...stories about family, friends, food, marriage, and the vast array of everything in between. There is something so incredible about having friends for a lifetime. You know the type? The ones who you may not see for months or years at a time and still feel like you saw them yesterday? How precious are these friendships. I feel so blessed to know some of the most incredible women in the world...

Thank you for your friendship Ang, Audrey and Nicole.

The Big Reveal!

Well, it's official...we know what it is! If you're ready for the big reveal, read on!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cleaning out the office...and my mind!

Yesterday my husband and I began sorting through our “office”. I love how the “office” is really the storage bin for all unorganized paperwork.

I know many of you out there have perfect organization systems and ways to file papers…immediately… that, I’ll never truly grasp…and yes...I am jealous of you all gifted like that, but for me the reality is large bins of papers that pile up until I can’t stand the chaos and then a long few hours of shredding (or burning because the pile’s too big), haphazard filing and the hope that I didn’t throw out something “really” important.