"You are sunshine on a cloudy day!"

During our premarital counseling, my husband and I both took surveys in order to better understand our individual personalities. One of the things the profiles both said was that we were each like... "sunshine on a cloudy day." To this day we enjoy teasing each other about this funny little fact. :)

Sometimes we are sunshine...and sometimes we're not. But, we are soooo in love and are completely enjoying our journey in life together.

As we grow in love and in numbers, I invite you to follow our blog! It is bound to be a messy, silly, fun and exciting adventure. Sit back, grab a blanket, maybe even a cup of tea and get ready for a laugh or two. Welcome to our family! May God greatly bless you today!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Reflection...

After taking some time to file through pictures I've taken in the last year (in preparation for a new "Best of 2010" scrapbook for Jon and I), I realized how intense the month of October was this year...

After a devastating start with the passing of my step-sister Krista and her newborn baby girl, I definitely began the month with a new perspective...savoring every second with my family and friends...hugging my husband just a little tighter...taking just one extra moment to tell someone I love them... simply looking at life a bit differently.

In the following weeks, I spent time going to birthday parties, a 40th wedding anniversary for my amazing and inspiring in-laws, going to the pumpkin patch with my sister, her hubby and their newborn baby boy (Ben!), and being blessed by two beautiful baby showers and a 30th birthday party thrown by amazing family and friends.

Although it was a month filled with tragedy, it was also filled with hope. Thank you to all of you who filled my October with so many precious moments and memories.

Here are a couple of pics from October...

 The Pumpkin Patch
 Ron, Courtney and my new nephew, Ben!
 Congrats to you Mr. and Mrs. Moen! Happy 40th wedding anniversary!
 The Big 3-0! How did I get this old???
A sweet shower thrown by amazing teacher friends in the school library!