"You are sunshine on a cloudy day!"

During our premarital counseling, my husband and I both took surveys in order to better understand our individual personalities. One of the things the profiles both said was that we were each like... "sunshine on a cloudy day." To this day we enjoy teasing each other about this funny little fact. :)

Sometimes we are sunshine...and sometimes we're not. But, we are soooo in love and are completely enjoying our journey in life together.

As we grow in love and in numbers, I invite you to follow our blog! It is bound to be a messy, silly, fun and exciting adventure. Sit back, grab a blanket, maybe even a cup of tea and get ready for a laugh or two. Welcome to our family! May God greatly bless you today!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cleaning out the office...and my mind!

Yesterday my husband and I began sorting through our “office”. I love how the “office” is really the storage bin for all unorganized paperwork.

I know many of you out there have perfect organization systems and ways to file papers…immediately… that, I’ll never truly grasp…and yes...I am jealous of you all gifted like that, but for me the reality is large bins of papers that pile up until I can’t stand the chaos and then a long few hours of shredding (or burning because the pile’s too big), haphazard filing and the hope that I didn’t throw out something “really” important.

Do I know how to organize? Yes. Do I know how to keep things clean? Yes. Do I know that these things are important? Yes. Do I wait two years to clean out my “office” bins? Yes.

Why do I procrastinate, let things pile up, fail to organize or prioritize the important from the not-so-important? Well, laziness I guess. Incredible. I would never categorize myself as “lazy”, but that’s the reality. I have been lazy. Could I simply file, prioritize, and get rid of things not-so-important each day? Yes.

Do I do it? No.

For many of you who know me, I’m always creating analogies for things and throwing out random pieces of information that may or may not make any sense what-so-ever... and... here I go again.

Why is it that I have a hard time creating a mental filing system of those things important vs. those things not as important? Why do I keep negative comments, frustrating encounters, and the reoccurring worry that our completely psychotic dish washer will break down at any moment… floating around in the filing system of my mind?

I admit. I am lazy.

If I was to take more time each day to read God’s word and pray, I would know how to organize and prioritize. I would be reminded of the important and the not-so-important. I would be reminded that He is willing to take the “shred” and “burn” pile off my hands and deal with it. I would know how to prioritize those things important and how to live life with more peace…His peace.

God is the ultimate organizer, the ultimate filing system, and the creator of all things that bring peace. Incredible. It is the most effective way to organize the chaos of my mind, and yet I procrastinate and hope that God is willing to take the chaos off my hands days and months after I let it float around.

Thankfully he is a gracious God; he knows me, loves me and is simply waiting for me to come to him for help. I should go to Him each day… my life sure would be more organized and prioritized!

P.S. The office is clean. But, I couldn’t have done it without my husband. Teaming up definitely makes it easier… just a thought.

Verses: Phil 4:6-7 and Isaiah 26:3


  1. So true! I don't know that I would call you lazy...I think you're just a normal woman! I think the majority of us have a tendency to do that. And that's exactly why we need Jesus! I'd go crazy without Him :)

  2. I'm so glad you're writing your thoughts, Kendall. I've been toying with the idea for a blog also - recording memories for my grandchildren! Would be so much easier than trying to write in a book, particularly since my handwriting is nearly illegible.Hope you and Jon can keep this up as your lives get much busier. I love you!